Our BBQ & Spit Roast Catering Company use locally sourced and produced meat roasted over traditional lump-wood charcoal for many hours to produce succulent, moist, tasty meat.

We provide Hog Roasts for all occasions. They are a great spectacle as the main event and equally effective as a backdrop and conversation piece.

Roasting meat over a natural wood product imparts a flavour to the meat that is second to none. You simply cannot achieve the same flavour with gas fired equipment.

​We roast at eye-level, making the cooking a pleasure to watch. The constant turning of the meat over the glowing charcoal ensures that it is continually basted in its own juices, retaining both flavour and moisture.

We are based in the South-East of England and cover mainly the South-East region and London areas. Travel to other areas by arrangement.

The Charcoal Pig Service is able to operate safely in barns and allied outdoor buildings.